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    The easiest way to begin creating a plan is to identify and record what is and is not within your organization. In this ebook, you’ll learn how an organization can create an industrial marketing plan by addressing the following:

    • Goal – what you want to accomplish
    • Objectives – how you’re going to reach that goal
    • Approach – how you’ll accomplish the goal
    • Argument – the messaging
    • Creative strategy – the look and feel of that message
    • Distribution – where you’re going to communicate the message

    Learn how it is easier for organizations to determine if a given campaign, message, technique or activity is on or off strategy. It’s crucial to have a clearly defined strategic statement and correctly defined supporting components. An industrial marketer can only genuinely function on a strategic level once this status is attained.

    This ebook discusses two effective techniques that help businesses connect the dots on leads and how to, ideally, turn a marketing lead into a sales lead. You’ll learn how technology enables you to increase your reach, target more precisely and analyze ROI. Wherever your customer is seeking information, you must be there, too.