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    Get tools, tips and case studies from the World’s leading industrial manufacturers.

    Because of the digital revolution, today's industrial customers are more informed, have greater purchasing power and have higher expectations for customer care.

    In this guide, we discuss case studies from the world’s leading industrial manufacturers while providing you with tools and tips for improving the digital customer experience.

    Learn why:

    • More than half of engineers claimed a company's website significantly impacted their opinion of that vendor as reputable and technically competent.
    • An intrusive user identification system, a poorly designed website, and out-of-date content are examples of potential barriers.

    Product makers can provide their customers with more product information, greater transparency and improved usability by integrating a product configurator into their website. By downloading this guide, you’ll see how the interactive product catalog allows users to choose parts for themselves and view the associated details and costs.

    Empower your customers

    Because they can use the information to investigate the goods independently, website visitors feel more in control and knowledgeable during the purchasing process and have greater trust in the company.

    You can improve the customer experience and still track behavior without requiring the user to enter any information other than their name, email and company. This is fantastic for both the customer, who doesn't want the user identification process to seem intrusive, and the manufacturer, who wants to learn more about that customer to develop a buyer persona.

    Learn how you can eliminate roadblocks and improve the digital customer experience by downloading our B2B guide.