Brennan Industries Case Study

    Find Out How Brennan Doubled Their Product Downloads Overnight

    Getting a CAD model was a time-consuming task at Brennan Industries. Customers would speak with an engineer, who would produce the item and personally mail it to the customer.

    In this case study, learn how Brennan identified the issue and became a pioneer in offering online CAD models. Customers can now obtain either a PDF sales sheet with an interactive 3D model preview or high-quality, native 3D models for their particular CAD application. With the help of these PDFs, users can examine the part, store it for later use or rapidly share it with co-workers who might not have CAD access.

    Learn why:

    • The catalog presented opportunities to interact with customers during the design process.
    • Brennan considers the user-friendly design tool as a crucial part of their responsive website.
    • The new website was designed to make accessing digital product information more manageable.

    In the end, Brennan noticed a drastic increase in downloads from the new tool. The company received instant recognition from their user community, who loved the improved fidelity and precision of the 3D CAD models.

    Download the case study to learn more about it.