Get the Industrial Marketing Roadmap!

Your step-by-step guide to navigating online marketing trends and generating online leads.

Our industrial marketing roadmap will help you understand the industry's direction and the resources you'll need to get there.

The roadmap goes into the following nine steps:

  1. Benchmark one is to build a reputation via word-of-mouth. Building a reputation is vital in any industry.
  2. Next is to provide product images online for configured products. Providing images helps to bring a better understanding.
  3. The next point is to promote your products on distributor sites. Having your products on distributor sites is essential to selling products.
  4. Attending trade shows and industry events are crucial, as they help you to introduce and demonstrate products to your target audience.
  5. Generate awareness with content marketing. Again, having understanding aids in bringing attention to your products.
  6. Next, optimize your website for user experience. Having an excellent, user-friendly website can make or break your business. If customers can't navigate your website, your bounce rate will be high, and sales will be low.
  7. Offer customers easy path-to-products online. Creating easy path-to-products online adds to the previous point of optimizing your website.
  8. Next, link your published marketing products to your product pages. Once you develop your online audience, connecting your social media and other marketing channels to your website is crucial for generating leads.
  9. Then, provide native CAD and BIM downloads to customers. Downloads will explain your models.

To become an online resource, you need to follow these nine steps. Our roadmap goes into those details and will help you to enhance the overall customer experience.