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    Due to customer demand and rising competition, innovation is critical. Therefore, companies must find new ways to cut costs while increasing speed to market.

    One solution to this dilemma is part reuse. Reusing parts can cut costs drastically. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the two ways to cut costs, including the following benefits:

    • Increasing efficiency for engineers.
    • Cutting material spend and the overall cost of purchased parts.

    Often, engineers must search for parts rather than working on their CAD models. Searching for parts in a file management system can be difficult and time-consuming. In this webinar, we discuss how a strategy to reuse components would cut costs allocated to finding, purchasing or creating parts.

    We’ll also discuss the five pillars to help you reuse parts, which include:

    1. Measuring and collecting data.
    2. Thinking in standard parts.
    3. Implementing the process of a standard part.
    4. Creating a culture of reuse.
    5. Managing standard parts effectively.

    This webinar will discuss how implementing these five steps will help you save money and time. Sign up today to watch the free video.

    How to Cut Direct Material Spend by Reusing CAD Models