How to Reuse Digital Parts eBook

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Our ebook discusses how we helped a major aerospace manufacturer implement a methodology for company-wide bracket standardization. We refer to the reuse method, which is a system for organizing standard pieces for reuse in an efficient manner. The methodology outlines five pillars that can be used to boost output and efficiency while cutting expenses. When the reuse method is used, engineers can spend more time coming up with new ideas and addressing problems.

Summary of the pillars:

Pillar 1: measuring and data collection

Before beginning to implement any reuse attempts, you should gather some data. Although it takes a little work initially, effective reuse will save a lot of time.

Pillar 2: how to think in standard parts

This section discusses how to incorporate standard components thinking into your everyday design approach. The first step is to ask your team what components they currently have that you can reuse. Then, when you design a piece that other engineers in your department would find helpful, you can start talking to your colleagues.

Pillar 3: implementing the process of a standard part

The next step is implementing the standards, procedures and responsibilities across departments. Standardization makes it easier for the engineering, purchasing, procurement and sourcing departments to interact. 

Pillar 4: creating a culture of reuse

This is when you can introduce standard component practices to your team once you have implemented them and are satisfied with the outcomes.

Pillar 5: managing standard parts effectively

Only when your CAD files are meticulously managed is it possible to think in terms of standard parts and implement a part reuse strategy.

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