How to Sell More Products

    with 3D CAD & BIM Models

    The manufacturer's guide to providing 3D part models to customers. 

    Nowadays, more than just blog postings and downloadable tools are included in industrial marketing content. Any physical or digital asset you're willing to share with visitors is considered content. Industrial manufacturers are starting to understand that their technical libraries contain marketing potential.

    In this manufacturer’s guide, you’ll learn the following:

    • CAD/BIM download portals

    A successful strategy to reach more engineers and architects looking for product samples online is to make your items available on well-known CAD/BIM download portals. Millions of engineers and architects use part communities and online CAD/BIM portals as online resources to find parts and obtain inspiration for new designs.

    • CAD content marketing

    Given that engagement is more measurable and has a more significant ROI than any other marketing strategy, "CAD content marketing" should receive the bulk of marketing attention from manufacturing companies.

    Don’t miss out on learning why 3D CAD models go beyond a clever sales enablement tactic. Engineers are using and favoring CAD download apps more and more frequently. In fact, according to research from IEEE GlobalSpec, engineers have dramatically increased their use of mobile devices and apps over the past ten years for work-related tasks.

    Learn how your salesforce can take advantage of mobile CAD applications. Download this free manufacturer’s guide to see how these applications help the sales team adjust to their new position in the purchasing process, providing value and improving the digital experience for the customer.