Toshiba International Corporation Case Study

    Find Out How TIC achieved a 360% quarterly increase in downloaded CAD models.

    Toshiba is a pioneer in designing and producing motors, variable speed drives, controllers and other power electronic devices. Initially, they offered digital downloads of Toshiba’s most well-liked products, which was very successful. However, as time passed, they began receiving numerous requests for the same availability of additional specialized products. Large OEMs and industrial project engineers desired the same comfort as other designers. They required the speedy turnaround that an on-demand digital catalog can only provide.

    Embracing a great digital customer experience

    When helping customers explore, obtain and find what they needed to complete tasks, what first appeared to be minor improvements and tweaks produced enormous rewards for Toshiba. Now, more specialized goods are regularly added to Toshiba's digital parts catalog, making it more straightforward for engineers to configure, download and buy the required parts.

    By downloading this case study, you’ll learn why Toshiba's online CAD catalog fuels a 360 percent increase in CAD downloads.