Access the full video presentations from the Industrial Marketing Summit.

    Get 2+ hours of content curated for industrial marketers.

    These IMS videos contain a variety of content given by leaders in the marketing and industrial field. These leaders discuss how both industries affect each other.

    • Todd Henry discusses the challenges marketers and leaders face and how to combat them.
    • Achinta Mitra talks about the challenges of marketing that engineers often encounter. He gives great insight into how marketing is challenging for engineers.
    • John Joyce offers pointers on how to increase your leads with content marketing. Lead generation is essential, and John talks about critical ideas to improve your leads by 800 percent.
    • Laura Schneider explains how engineers gave her exciting insights that helped her marketing skills. Her insights showed how to market to engineers and understand the field better.
    • Kerry Nedic discusses the buyer’s journey with the industrial market. Kerry points out critical facts about the industry and how to learn more about the consumer behavior of an industrial company.

    These presentations are vital for marketers in the industrial field. The presenters feature a range of material about marketing and business. After watching the videos, you’ll gather more insights for how to market to the industrial field more efficiently.